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Introduction on the cuteLearn

Cutech is a technical training provider related to Welding and Inspection Services. We have identified there is an increase in demand for the internationally recognised certification pertaining to welding inspection.Cutech understands that it is crucial for each candidate who seeks to upgrade their skills or have career progression in their respective fields to attain certificate successfully.

CuteLearn is a new e-learning portal for candidate to study the training materials and test their knowledge by answering the questions online. This question from the master question bank database and randomly selected to test your knowledge.This e-learning portal will ensure that you can comprehend and learn the subject better.We will provide effective strategies, techniques and tools that will help you to understand each topic more clearly.

Online payment for this course material and online test is USD 550.Once registration is done online you are directed to online payment mode and make your payment based on your course selection.

You will receive email in your registered email ID once the payment is credited in our account and a link will be generated and sent to your registered Email ID. Our system will send you a web link to download the electronic copy of the material for SECTION A and SECTION B. SECTION C code API 1104 shall be arranged by your own or you can purchase online from the website:

On successful completion of online preparation for SECTION A, SECTION B and SECTION C, you will choose our nearest training centre for two days class room training and one day examination. The class room training will be on SECTION B for two days. The final examination will be conducted in our training centre.

Summary details of the examination:



Fundamentals. Exam duration is two-hour, 150-question closed-book , All questions are objective type (Multiple Choices) which covers all facets of welding processes and non-destructive examination.


Practical Applications. Exam duration is two-hour, 46-question closed-book , All questions are objective type (Multiple Choices) using actual visual inspection tools with plastic replicas of welds, and a sample codebook (“Book of Specifications”), which will be provided for the exam.


Open-Book Code Application. This two-hour, open-book test includes 60 questions , All questions are objective type (Multiple Choices) establishing the candidates’ ability to find and comprehend information in the codes in API 1104.

For final examination schedule and fee structure please see write to How to study the course material and attend the online questions?

Candidates study the course material chapter by chapter. At the end of each chapter, Candidate needs to attend the online question portal to test their knowledge. Each chapter will have easy and hard questions. Every time you login you will get 20 questions from the respective chapter. If you have scored 90 %in easy option questions, you are allowed to go to hard options and you have to score 90% of hard options. Once Easy and hard options are cleared, you are allowed to go to next chapter. Likewise the all the chapters are cleared in SECTION A then only you are allowed to go to SECTION B and so on.

On every test completion, you will have the test summary page in which you can refer for the summary of questions whether it is right or wrong. If you have scored less than 90%, the wrong answers will have tips option with page number of course material for easy reference, again retest to be attended and you need minimum score of 90% to go to next chapter. In case of any doubt do not hesitate to contact either or

For more information, write to Enquiry Form or | Cutech - Download Brochure.